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I’m Anjal, and I create dance work that urges you to think for yourself.

I’ve spent most of the last decade in Chicago, went to college in New York City, recently made a pitstop in San Francisco, and now live in Berlin, Germany. I’ve been a fervently enthusiastic dancer and life-ponderer for over thirty years, and my 96-year-old grandpa is my wisest friend. I’m currently preoccupied by topics such as wealth inequality, racial and cultural politics, South Asian American privilege, urban histories of creative communities, and the role of art in an intensely monetized world.

I started Soham Dance Space to make space for the things I believe in. I’m currently devoted to daily dancing, writing, and navigating the existential crisis of living an artist’s life in a capitalist context. Oh, also, I'm enjoying a year of international investigations, thanks to the U.S. Fulbright Program!

In everything I create, I hope to nurture an atmosphere of camaraderie, discovery, and introspection. I promise always to share work with you that articulates my own convictions, and I hope it moves you to do the same.

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