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I’m Anjal, and I create dance work that urges you to think for yourself.

I’ve spent most of the last decade in Chicago, went to college in New York City, recently made a pitstop in San Francisco, and now live in Berlin, Germany. I’ve been a fervently enthusiastic dancer and life-ponderer for over thirty years, and my 96-year-old grandpa is my wisest friend. I’m endlessly curious about the politics of anything and everything, and my most treasured playground is the kitchen.

I started Soham Dance Space to make space for the things I believe in. I’m currently devoted to daily dancing, writing, and navigating the existential crisis of living an artist’s life. Oh, also, I'm enjoying a year of international investigations, thanks to the U.S. Fulbright Program!

In everything I create, I hope to nurture an atmosphere of camaraderie, discovery, and introspection. I promise always to share work with you that articulates my own convictions, and I hope it moves you to do the same.

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