This Is How I Feel Today is a contemporary bharatanatyam work that acknowledges, reflects on, and viscerally feels the nuances of each day. The memoir-style work investigates questions such as: What does it mean to observe our thoughts and emotions? What does it mean to pay attention? How does it feel to be living in this political moment? What does it mean to feel alive? The work assembles a mosaic of introspective text, original music, and expressive movement to explore these questions in a personal and philosophical way. Contrasting reflections on Anjal's relationship with her grandfather as well as on the pervasive role of capitalism in shaping notions of dignity, value, and systemic inequality come together to take an honest look at being and feeling alive today.

This work is informed by an improvisational movement practice, glimpses of which you can see here

Original music score, prose, and concept created by Anjal Chande.
Music recording by Anjal Chande, Jesse Hunter & Karl Olson.


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Works-in-progress so far shared at:

West Wave Dance Festival // San Francisco, CA // September 15, 2016
Synapse New Works // Hamlin Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, IL // April 27-28, 2017
Willing to Feel // Links Hall // Chicago, IL // June 23, 2017
Makers Open at HZT // Berlin, Germany // March 15, 2018
Fulbright Berlin Seminar // Urania Conference Center // Berlin, Germany // March 17, 2018
ADA 10x6 // Berlin, Germany // April 14 & 15, 2018


HZT SODA 301 Presentations // Berlin, Germany // July 11, 2018